My About page from September 2001

All right — I’m not writing all that much here. Got a lot going on.

I was feeling a little nostalgic this morning, so I hit the wayback machine to see what my oldest About page was. Turns out it’s from September 27, 2001.

Boy, I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time…

Fan Mail

Fan mail: College and High School Radio

Spotify is great. Really.

But, I still love college (and high school) radio more. If you haven’t tried them out:

Exponential Radio is the HD2 channel of WXPN, the radio station at the University of Pennsylvania. The main feed is pretty good too. Funky Friday plays in the kitchen on Friday nights; XPN2 plays all day Saturday.

Eclectic24 is the HD2 channel of KCRW, out of Santa Monica. It’s a lot weirder than XPN2, but vastly fun. Eclectic24 plays in the kitchen all day Sunday.

WIQH is the radio station from my very own local high school. I’ve taken to listening to it the last couple of days, and it’s a really good mix.

Fan Mail

Fan mail: Slacktivist

Fred Clark has been writing his Slacktivist blog for a long time. He is always thoughtful. You should out his work.


My personal Charlie Brown football

I always want the comments on Wall Street Journal articles to be better than they are.

I am always disappointed.

Fan Mail

Fan Mail: The number ones

Now that I’ve started the site up again, I have a couple of series I’m going to try to keep running. The first one is “Fan Mail.” In an ongoing effort to make the web less of a cesspool, I’ll occasionally put some fan mail out into the world.

Today: The Number Ones series on Stereogum, written by Tom Breihan.

Breihan has been writing up every song that has hit number one on the Billboard charts, starting back in the fifties. I look forward to reading the new entries in this list every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Now, we’re up to the early 80s, back when Casey Kasem reigned and I have first-hand memories of listening to these songs on the radio.

I Love Rock and Roll ruled the airwaves in fourth grade.

Eye of the Tiger was the first 45s I ever bought.

Today’s entry: Jack and Diane was off one of the first records I ever owned. The first track off American Fool was Hurts So Good, immediately followed by Jack and Diane. That’s a pretty impressive one-two punch.


Galapagos tortoise

I can’t sing, can’t paint. I can barely write. But, I can (occasionally) take good pictures. I’ll post some of my favorites from over the years.

Galapagos tortoise
Galapagos Tortoise

I took this picture in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, in Summer 2019.


What’d I miss?

In early 2001, I launched this site. A few years ago, I pulled it down. Today, I’m bringing it back up.

Back when I started, I thought everyone should have their own site, their own home on the web. I still do. The golden age of the blog is probably not coming back, but I’ll try to keep my tiny little corner of the web alive.

If you want to say hi, comments are open. I’m easy to find on Twitter, and my email is jason at this domain. The RSS feed is in the usual location.

(p.s., the earliest snapshot from is from October, 2001. The blogroll on the side is really interesting.)