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New Mastodon account (and a book recommendation)

I’m still here, which is nice.

I stood up a Mastodon instance on a domain I control using a fresh Digital Ocean droplet. It was delightful for a while. Plus, I owned the namespace, so that gave me a little more confidence.

Then the droplet got hacked.

The CPU was pegged. I rebooted and it got back into the same state within a couple of minutes. I didn’t investigate deeply, but that smells like a rootkit crypto miner. Joy.

You can never trust a machine once it’s been compromised, so I nuked the droplet.

Then, it was time to decide whether to rebuild it or go to a shared instance. I could have rebuilt it, but I’m in growth mode at the day job so I really don’t have the time right now. So, shared instance it is!

You can find me on Mastodon I’m still @jpbutler on Twitter though I’m spending a little less time there these days.

I look forward to watching the fediverse’s continued growth. It sometimes feels a little like 1998 on the web, but people have a lot more experience with computer stuff and social gestures now.

If you want a fun view of history repeating itself, check out Derek Powazek’s Design for Community, from 2001! Human nature doesn’t change very much. (I still have my original copy here somewhere…)


42nd Street edition

Still in launch mode, but helping out with ticketing for my daughter’s high-school performance of 42nd Street. It should be a fabulous show!


My personal Charlie Brown football

I always want the comments on Wall Street Journal articles to be better than they are.

I am always disappointed.