Happy Spring


It’s been a while.

I have a senior about to graduate, so there’s a lot going on around the end of that journey and the beginning of the next.

I’m also doing a good amount of client work right now, so that’s good for keeping me away from this particular keyboard.

Serendeputy is running quietly while I’m building the next version. I haven’t touched in a couple of months, though, so that’s taking a little longer than I would have hoped.

With my oldest out of the house next fall, I need to write some software to address the crucial need of running our family football-picking context. I’ve done this by hand for years, but now I need to write an actual application to handle all the calculations. The good thing is that I know a guy.

What else is going on? The house is breaking in all the ways a fifty-year-old house will break. This month’s brand-spanking-new part: a sump pump! It’s nice to back up to woodlands, but the water table is about a foot below us, so we need to try to keep of top of things. Otherwise, it’s just me and my Shop Vac for hours on end cleaning things up.

Also, the cat is getting needier in her old age. Sometimes I’m trying to read an article and that is just not allowed. She will generally leave me alone after eight minutes of focused cat time, so I know how to plan my evening.

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll try to check in more often, but it’s going to be crazy for a while…


Back to writing again, occasionally

The world still spins. It’s gone around a few times since I last wrote regularly. I’m going to keep trying.

I’m writing a lot of marketing copy and FAQ pages for Serendeputy, so I really need to get good at this again.

I just got through re-reading the two best writing books I’ve ever come across — Style by Joseph Williams and The Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto. Style helps you write line by line and The Pyramid Principle helps you organize your thoughts. They are both well worth reading.


Hey, it’s December.

I used to be good at this.

In the early 2000s, before marriage, before children, before the one-man software company, I’d update this blog several times a day for weeks at a time.

I’ll get back to it at some point. Maybe after I’m retired. Maybe when the children are off to college. Maybe tomorrow, who knows.

Probably not soon, though.

Ok, back to work. I’m in market and things are exploding — mostly in a good way, sometimes in an ugly way.



A weird accomplishment

I don’t have any data on this, but I think I’m probably one of the few people who have blogged in their 20s, 30s, 40s and (now) 50s. I started my site in early 2001, when I was 28. I am now 50.

I don’t think I get a prize or anything, but it’s kinda neat.



The end of the school year, summer camps, redesigns, etc.

Lots going on. Will write again at some point….


My About page from September 2001

All right — I’m not writing all that much here. Got a lot going on.

I was feeling a little nostalgic this morning, so I hit the wayback machine to see what my oldest About page was. Turns out it’s from September 27, 2001.

Boy, I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time…


What’d I miss?

In early 2001, I launched this site. A few years ago, I pulled it down. Today, I’m bringing it back up.

Back when I started, I thought everyone should have their own site, their own home on the web. I still do. The golden age of the blog is probably not coming back, but I’ll try to keep my tiny little corner of the web alive.

If you want to say hi, comments are open. I’m easy to find on Twitter, and my email is jason at this domain. The RSS feed is in the usual location.

(p.s., the earliest snapshot from is from October, 2001. The blogroll on the side is really interesting.)