Afternoon Notes — 9-22-23

Happy Kicks for Cancer weekend.

What’s interesting today

Long Covid is a new name for an old syndrome. Still not enough progress here. I hope we see some breakthroughs soon.

We Can’t Compete With AI Girlfriends. I’m going to leave the Hacker News comments alone on this one.

Generative AI is a Black Mirror for Educators. How do you tell if your students are learning when essay questions don’t exist anymore?

First Google Search Result for Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” Is AI Generated Selfie. Google cannot keep up with the flood of AI-generated trash.

Airlines Are Just Banks Now. Fascinating analysis of how airlines aren’t in the business of flying planes anymore, and he we all pay higher prices due to higher “swipe fees” on our credit cards.

Why Scalpers Can Get Olivia Rodrigo Tickets and You Can’t. Fascinating deep dive into the underbelly of this world. Surprising (to me, anyway) gambit: instead of selling you the ticket, the brokers will sell you the TickerMaster account that has rights to the ticket.

How old is too old?. Robert Reich on aging.

What do we do with the Twitter-shaped hole in the internet?

Fan mail of the day

The Bear. This is an outstanding show on Hulu about chefs, restaurants and family. Two seasons, both eminently watchable.

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