Afternoon Notes — 9-26-23

Lots going on. I’m launching a new set of features this afternoon on Serendeputy.

Also, this week is the 20th anniversary of when I met my wife. Doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.

The wayback machine says I was on fire about the Red Sox that week. Aaron Boone was still a little ways in the future. (And, yes, a) I’m old, and b) I’ve been blogging for a long time.)

What’s interesting today

The Agony of the School Car Line. Thank God this is no longer my problem. I did have a couple of Covid years driving across town to the middle school twice a day.

Build Great Software By Repeatedly Encountering It.

Vintage Nirvana. “The most iconic band of the 1990s—one that openly rejected the commodification of rock—is now one of the biggest brands in the vintage industry.”

Also, Happy 30th Birthday to Nirvana’s In Utero, King of the Toxic Follow-Ups

ChatGPT & Friends: The Cool Kids boosting my productivity. Om Malik on how he’s integrating some of the new generation of tools.

Being 13.

At the root of these conflicts are issues teenage girls have always faced: insecurity, figuring out their place in the social hierarchy, puberty, hormones, trying on different identities. But the stakes feel higher now, because there’s an audience, or the risk of one, at all times: “Receipts” for everything; hurtful messages to stare at again and again (unless you delete them, which Anna said she sometimes does). That, and there is a unique awkwardness to this cohort of teenagers, the counselor noted — in that they spent years of middle school behind screens.

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