Afternoon Notes — 9-18-23

Happy Monday.

What’s interesting today

Streaming Is Changing the Sound of Music. To succeed on Spotify and other services, songs are getting shorter, albums are getting longer, and artists are collaborating across genres.

Wage theft is a┬áserious crime. We’re finally treating it that way. New York is starting to get serious about wage theft.

The tyranny of the marginal user. It is always thus. Hacker News discussion.

Fan mail of the day

Defector is one of my favorite daily sports sites, and one of the media sites I pay for.

They are an employee-owned co-op, and therefore, they are completely free to write about whatever they want. Mostly sports. Occasionally, crazy houses that show up on Zillow.

They also host one of our family’s favorite podcasts: Normal Gossip.

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