Afternoon Notes – 9-16-23

Kicks for Cancer is coming up next weekend. I went to the high school and got a snazzy sweatshirt this morning. You’re going to see a lot of pink around town over the next ten days or so.

What’s interesting today

Can Affluence and Affordable Housing Coexist in Colorado’s Rockies?

For a payout of tens of thousands of dollars from the local government, he recently signed onto a hefty “deed restriction” for his property, banning its use for Airbnb stays, limiting any potential renter or buyer to the work force of Summit, and limiting any potential resale price. And he did it with pride.

What Happens When Wall Street Buys Most of the Homes on Your Block?

Bad idea, right?. I try to dip in to what my high-schoolers are listening to. This is actually a pretty good song…

The Promise and Folly of Self-Driving Cars. I’m keeping half an eye on this space. It may always be five years away. See also: Car Hackers Are Out for Blood

Fan mail of the day

The Flux Review. A systems-thinking newsletter, seeking new ways to make sense of our complex world.

It’s a weekly newsletter that explores current issues from a system dynamics and forward-looking perspective. Well worth a half-hour of your attention each weekend.

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