Afternoon Notes – 9-15-23

Happy Friday!

It’s starting to look like Fall here in Massachusetts (even if there is a hurricane spinning off our shore right now).

What’s interesting today

Cracked Tooth. Bob Lefsetz talks about his tooth and the realities of budgeting when you’re on the older side.

Finishing with Twitter/X. “Enough wrestling with the pig. Time to go.”

This post will not go viral. Twitter suppresses sharing links now. Hacker News discussion. Not everyone agrees.

Related: When Twitter Died, So Did Independent Journalism.

How Shein beat Amazon at its own game — and reinvented fast fashion. Separately, Rest of World is a great site for getting ideas of what’s happening outside the US.

Airbnb has devastated Colorado’s resort towns and Short-Term Rentals Cause a Long-Term Mess. I’m not a huge fan of what short-term vacation rentals have done to housing markets. I’m not sure what the answer is, though.

What I’m reading today

Innovator’s Toolkit. I’m working on a couple of thorny issues right now. It’s always good to dip into this book for ideas.

Style and Pyramid Principle. Now that I’m trying to write more, I need to get back to basics. These are the two best books I’ve ever found on writing.

Fan mail of the day

We get up early every morning, a habit of twenty years or so.

In the 5am Sunday hour on WCRB, they play Pipedreams, an hour of pipe organ music. It’s amazing (especially if you have a good stereo and are ok playing music loud at the time of the morning…)

I ended up buying the CDs, and it’s now what I play in my headphones when I’m programming.

A surprisingly delightful discovery.

And, if you don’t change the channel, you get the Bach hour at 6. Also delightful.

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