Noticings – 6/2/21 edition

Happy June.

I am now two weeks past my second shot and am officially fully vaccinated. So, that’s good. We’re all making slow progress. I got the family tickets to a Red Sox game on Labor Day Weekend; I’m going to predict things should be pretty much back to normal by then. I can’t wait.

Everything’s becoming a subscription, and the pandemic is partly to blame. We have a lot of subscriptions (plus recurring donations to a few public radio stations — a happy legacy from my NPR days — and other non-profits). I think we’re going to have a full reckoning over the summer to see what we really need.

My name is Max, and I have a cicada problem. Sometimes the dog is going to eat all the cicadas.

River Runner. This is a fun site that lets you drop a raindrop anywhere in the country and see its path.

The Oral History of ‘WandaVision’. WandaVision was a conquering hero in the household when it finally hit the screen.

The Internet is flat. Things are complicated. Try to behave with grace. I follow my own context collapse tag to remind me to try to keep as much context as I can.

Current reading: Crossing the Chasm and Escape Velocity by Geoffrey Moore. Can you tell I’m about to do a redesign and rewrite all my marketing copy?

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