Noticings – 5/27/21 edition

‘FIND THIS ****:’ Inside Citizen’s Dangerous Effort to Cash In On Vigilantism. This app seems like an awful idea.

Hadestown Tiny Desk Concert. Here’s a few minutes of fun for you.

Current reading while waiting in various parking lots: What Would Nature Do. More complexity theory stuff. Luckily, evolution has had quite a few years to run some experiments…

I’ve been stuck in Dependency Hell for the past few days, but I think I was able to track down the last bit. Of course, it would be idiotic to launch something new on the Friday before a holiday weekend, so it looks like I’ll be able to push it out on Tuesday. It was worth the lift, though; the fallback was to do a clean build and then port the full application over and rebuild the whole server farm. That would have been 6-8 weeks of grind.

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