Noticings – 5/21/21 edition

Happy Friday!

I’ve been heads-down in design land today, so fewer noticings today.

Pollinator Garden Coming to CCHS. I nice write-up about how the local high school is trying to encourage the bees and the butterflies. I’ve tried to keep all native plants in my yard, so I hope I’m doing my part to keep the cycle going clean. I’ve tried to plant a couple of butterfly bushes, but they haven’t taken. I’ll keep trying next year.

One additional bonus to reading the local high-school newspaper: I know the author.

Out my own backdoor yesterday afternoon:

Today’s reading: The Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto. I come back to this one every time I need to reset my writing muscles. This is less about line-by-line grace and more about how to structure your arguments so that you can write persuasively. Highly recommended.

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