Noticings – 5/20/21 edition

Happy Thursday.

It looks like the camps are starting to come around. We had one of them announce today that if you are fully vaccinated, you don’t need to have the PCR test immediately before you arrive. We hope the others choose the same rules, otherwise our (by then) fully-vaccinated children will be scrambling to get tests done in the 24 hours between camps.

I spent a little time yesterday priming the Garden Tower for planting. I think we’re going to go over to the garden shop on Sunday and get it all set up. My worms should arrive on Sunday or Monday. That’s always fun.

The long night of the soul. A Ringer writer in his thirties is dealing with a cancer diagnosis. This reminds me of When Breath Becomes Air, a memoir in which a neurosurgeon narrates his own cancer. It’s both very well-written and an amazingly tough read. I try to read it every year.

Real-Estate Frenzy Overwhelms Small-Town America: ‘I Came Home Crying’. Not my problem right now (and hopefully not for decades….). The market appears to be insane.

I’m doing a lot of reading right now on complex adaptive systems — handy, since I’m building one. One of the advantages of having the “deputy” as the organizing metaphor is that it makes it a lot easier for visualize them as independent agents. Or, in the TRIZ sense: “smart little people“.

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