About Jason Butler

Hi there –

Thanks for visiting. My name is Jason Butler, and this is my little home on the web. In real life, I live in historic Concord, Massachusetts with my wife and daughters.

I’ve been doing Software Product Development since 1997 for companies including PlanetAll, Amazon.com, Abuzz, BostonWorks, Boston.com, Practically Green (now WeSpire), Compass Aging and NPR. I’ve been writing here at JPButler.com since March 2001, blogging, publishing pictures, writing travelogues and generally messing around. I enjoy building things, and this is my sandbox.

I tend to obsess about the future of media, and how media companies can help people make progress at life.

I love talking with folks, so please drop me an email: I’m jason at this domain. You can also find me several times a day on Twitter. I have a professional profile on LinkedIn and a personal account on Facebook.