About Jason Butler

Hi there -

Thanks for visiting. My name is Jason Butler, and this is my little home on the web. In real life, I live in historic Concord, MA with my wife and daughters.

I’ve been doing Web Product Development since 1997 for companies including PlanetAll, Amazon.com, Abuzz, BostonWorks, Boston.com and Practically Green. I believe that there are many ways we can use technology to help those in need, and I’m working on ways to make that happen. I use this website for weblogging, as well as for publishing pictures, travelogues, musings and other fun tidbits from life. Check out the top-right section of the home page or the site map for more information.

I love building tools that are useful, friendly and wicked smart. I’ve written Serendeputy, a personal news engine and I’m currently playing around with TweetDeputy, a tool for managing links coming in through Twitter and Freenon, a home for forkable nuggets of knowledge.

I also do product and strategy consulting, so if you’re in Boston and need help figuring out how to get from idea to product, get in touch:

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Please feel free to drop me a line, it’s always nice to talk to folks out there on the other side of the keyboard.