And then it was all over. We took the trucks to a little airstrip on the Serengeti, said goodbye to our drivers and took a little puddle jumper to Arusha. We went back to the cultural center and spent far too much money on souvenirs of our journey. We went to a hotel in Arusha to kill time until it was time to go to the airport.

We went back to the airport, stopping along the way to marvel at Kilimanjaro. We had been trying all trip to see the top and now, during the ride to the airport, the clouds parted and we could see the summit. It was as if the master chef of our trip wanted to put one last cherry on the sundae. Amazing.

We hopped from Kilimanjaro to Dar es Salaam, then the eight hours to Amsterdam. Seven hours in the Amsterdam airport, then finally on the plane back to Boston. Almost home.


We were halfway across the ocean when there was a medical emergency on board the aircraft. So, we turned around and flew back to lovely and scenic Shannon, Ireland. After sitting on the runway in Shannon for two hours, we finally took off, again for Boston.

This time we made it. My poor father had been sitting at Logan for seven hours waiting for us. The customs guard sprayed our feet with disinfectant to keep out foot-in-mouth disease. I caught a cab for Central Square and got home a little past midnight.

Well, this adventure is over. It was great. I need to buy a thesaurus, because I can only seem to describe it using words like "great". Or, maybe that's the sign of something that's really transcendent. It becomes truly indescribable.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, comments or flames, drop me a line.

See you in China,