This asp almost put us out of business

So, we left the hippo pool. The crocodile had tried to eat us. It happens, but we made it through. Now that we were old hands at being hunted, we laughed in the face of danger.

We are driving in the War Bus on the way to see what we can see. Tanzania, as befits a former British colony, has the steering wheel on the right-hand side of the car. Harrison was driving, with Charles, our lead guide, riding shotgun on the left-hand side. I was in the next seat back on the left-hand side, about four feet behind Charles. Mom was in the next seat, perhaps three feet behind me.

Charles and I had our windows closed to protect from the dust. Mom had her window open.

All of a sudden, we see Charles jump and shout as something smacks his window and bounces off. A second later, we see something go into a hole next to the truck. We look forward at Charles and see a man who has been doing this for thirty years or so turn pale as a sheet. On his window, we can see the outline of a very large mouth.

It turns out that we managed to disturb an Egyptian Cobra, sometimes better known as an asp. It, in turn, decided to attack us.

Had Charles' window been open, it would have struck him. With the realities of where we were, it is unlikely that he would have made it.

Had the snake struck four feet aft, it would have aimed at my window and likely given me a heart attack when it hit the glass. Had the snake struck seven feet aft, it would have aimed at my mother's window, which was open.