Speaking of death

The crocodiles were scary. These ones were sharing the pool with the hippos.

Each of these crocodiles were about five meters long. They could kill you very easily. They do kill a lot of people in Africa each year.

At the hippo pool, there was a large (20 people could stand on it) rock which formed the bank of the pool. A group of us climbed down to the rock to take these pictures of the hippos and the crocodiles. I was on the far right of the rock. The hippos were to the left and the crocodiles were to the right. So, I was the only one looking when the crocodile in this picture dropped into the water and started swimming towards us.

As you can imagine, seeing a crocodile hunting me was enough to start me Francis Macomber'ing up the rock. A couple of seconds later, the guides on the rock raised their voices and ordered everyone up and away from the water.

Had we stayed, the crocodile would have swept his tail across the rock and knocked a few of us into the water.


Crocodiles at Serengeti