Where's Dumbo?

We would drive in the early morning and in the late afternoon. Round about noon, everything shut down for a few hours due to the heat. The animals slept. I slept too.

During the second afternoon in Tarangire, Mom woke me up to show me what was happening below our campsite. We scurried a little bit down to end of the trail, and looked down to the waterhole. There, we saw a herd of ~100 elephants making their way from right to left across our entire view.

For the next two hours we watched them. We saw them form little groups, break up and then reform. We saw babies being nudged across the river bed by their mamas and aunties. We saw a pair of bulls making nasty moves towards each other as they defended their territories within the herd.

Of course, the most fun was making up the backstories for each of the little dramas unfolding in front of us.

There are thirty-seven elephants in this picture. Can you find them all?

Elephants at Tarangire