A little better look at the doe

I was just reminiscing about the last time I was this close to an impala. It was late spring of 1989. Paula Abdul was ruling the charts. Oh yes, she was *forever* my girl. Every once and a while I'd be watching MTV in the living room and Opposites Attract would come on. You know, the video with the cartoon cat and Paula wearing that suit? Well, I'd crank up the volume and ... sorry, family show, can't go there.

Anyway, it was spring of 1989 and the Impala in question was being towed to the junkyard, Lou and Seth were being driven home and I was getting a lift from Holliston's finest to tell my story to my parents. It wasn't my fault; it came out of nowhere and jumped right in front of me. Damn stone wall.

Impala at Tarangire