The Building Block of the Cooperative

Our first authentic African animal was a cow. This cow, in fact. This is no ordinary cow, however. It has a special history.

For a couple of years now, I've received each December a catalog for something called Heifer Project International. It is a catalog which allows you to buy animals for families overseas. For example, you can buy a heifer for $500.

It turns out that Mama Anna was the recipient of one of these Heifer Project animals. It also helps the community, because of the dispersal of the calves. The first calf goes to another woman in the community. The second calf goes to a third woman. All calves after that are Mama Anna's. The downstream calves follow the same pattern with their offspring. In this way, the benefits of the initial grant diffuse throughout the community.

It was an epiphany for me to see the other side of this equation. I'm proud that I have supported this organization in the past. You can too.

Cow at Mama Anna's