Getting Acclimated

The first thing we did was drive to the Lodge in Arusha where we were to spend our first two nights. Each room was a free-standing hut with a regular bathroom. Out the back was a crater leading down to a lake. It was surrounded by lush, and very colorful, vegetation. Here is Mom out by that scene.

One thing which we noticed was the smell. More precisely, we noticed the absolute lack of smell. It was just my ignorance going in, but part of me expected the whole continent to smell like a zoo. Brilliant, eh?

In reality, the air is crystal clear and fresh. It would stay this way the entire time we were in Africa, with the notable exception of when we got a little to close to the hippopotami. More on that later. For now, imagine the clearest air you've ever breathed and breathe it along with us for two weeks.

Mom at the Arusha Lodge