Tanzania Safari

In May, 2001, my mother and I went on safari to Tanzania. While any attempt to describe an experience like this will diminish it, I will describe it to the best of my abilities. Anyway, you can start at the beginning, or jump to any spot using the index below. I love Tanzania and I am very happy to discuss it. So, if you have any questions, comments or flames, please drop me a line.

  1. Tanzania Travelogue Introduction
  2. Harrison, Charles and Leonard
  3. The War Bus
  4. Mom and the War Bus
  5. Mom at the Arusha Lodge
  6. Mom and the Mosquito Netting at the Arusha Lodge
  7. Jason at the Arusha Lodge
  8. Cow at Mama Anna's
  9. Bunny at Mama Anna's
  10. Mama Anna Making Coffee
  11. Mom and Rebecca Making Coffee
  12. Jason Drinking Mama Anna's Coffee
  13. Jason Getting Maasaied
  14. Jason In Maasai Garb
  15. Dancing at Mama Anna's
  16. Group at Mama Anna's
  17. Maasai and Mom at Cultural Center
  18. Animal Relaxation at the Cultural Center
  19. Mom and Jason at Tarangire
  20. Dik Dik at Tarangire
  21. Peekaboo Giraffe at Tarangire
  22. Elephant Approaching at Tarangire
  23. Elephant Approaching at Tarangire - 2
  24. Elephant Profile at Tarangire
  25. Elephant Trumpeting at Tarangire
  26. Elephant Profile at Tarangire - Black and White
  27. Elephant at Tarangire - Black and White
  28. Impalas at Tarangire
  29. Impala at Tarangire
  30. Baobab at Tarangire - Black and White
  31. Baobabs at Tarangire - Black and White
  32. Jason at Tarangire
  33. Jason at Tarangire Tent
  34. Mom at Tarangire
  35. Elephants at Tarangire
  36. Jason and Binoculars at Tarangire
  37. Jason and Baobab at Tarangire
  38. Vervet Monkey on Wall at Tarangire
  39. Vervet Monkeys at Tarangire
  40. Vervet Monkeys on Deck at Tarangire - Black and White
  41. Warthog and Baby on Way to Ngorongoro - Black and White
  42. Termite Mound on Way to Ngorongoro - Black and White
  43. Jason and Ngorongoro Highlands
  44. Mom, Charles and Jason at Ngorongoro Highlands
  45. Cape Buffalo Skull at Ngorongoro
  46. Sleepy Lion at Ngorongoro
  47. Sleepy Lions at Ditch at Ngorongoro
  48. Lion in Front of Land Rover at Ngorongoro
  49. My Lion Sleeping at Ngorongoro
  50. My Lion Sitting Up at Ngorongoro
  51. My Lion Roaring at Ngorongoro
  52. My Lion Waking Up at Ngorongoro
  53. Lions Sprawling at Ngorongoro
  54. Lions Yawning at Ngorongoro
  55. Lions On Hood at Ngorongoro
  56. Cape Buffaloes at Ngorongoro
  57. Cape Buffaloes at Waterhole at Ngorongoro
  58. Ostrich at Ngorongoro
  59. Ostriches at Ngorongoro
  60. Giraffes at Ngorongoro
  61. Giraffe at Ngorongoro
  62. Zebra Sitting at Ngorongoro
  63. Zebras at Ngorongoro
  64. Grant's Gazelles at Ngorongoro
  65. Thomson's Gazelles Sitting at Ngorongoro
  66. Thomson's Gazelle at Ngorongoro
  67. Driving Through the Herd at Ngorongoro
  68. Wildebeest at Ngorongoro
  69. Wildebeest at Ngorongoro - 2
  70. Zebra Conga Line at Ngorongoro
  71. Rhino at Ngorongoro
  72. Field of Flowers at Ngorongoro
  73. Rolling Hyena at Ngorongoro
  74. Hyena at Ngorongoro
  75. Jason and Elephant at Ngorongoro
  76. Elephant at Ngorongoro
  77. Running Elephant at Ngorongoro
  78. Dung Beetle at Maasai Village
  79. Baby Goats at Maasai Village
  80. Baby Goats Butting Heads at Maasai Village
  81. Jason and Hut at Maasai Village
  82. Mom and Friends at Maasai Village
  83. Mom Dancing at Maasai Village
  84. Jason and Chief at Maasai Village
  85. School at Maasai Village
  86. Learning the Alphabet at Maasai Village
  87. Stripeless Zebra at Maasai Village
  88. Plaque at Olduvai Gorge
  89. Jason at Olduvai Gorge
  90. Jason at Serengeti Museum
  91. Jason at Serengeti Museum - 2
  92. Jason at Serengeti Camp
  93. Mom and Jason at Serengeti Camp
  94. Mom and Shower at Serengeti Camp
  95. Loading Balloon at Serengeti
  96. View from Balloon at Serengeti
  97. Jason and Balloon at Serengeti
  98. Mom, Jason and Champagne at Serengeti
  99. Mom, Jason and Breakfast at Serengeti
  100. Rock Hyrax at Serengeti
  101. Lizard at Serengeti
  102. Leopard Tortoise at Serengeti
  103. Vultures Eating Zebra at Serengeti
  104. Vultures Eating Zebra at Serengeti - 2
  105. Hyena at Serengeti
  106. Hippos at Serengeti
  107. Crocodiles at Serengeti
  108. Cobra at Serengeti
  109. Baboon and Baby at Serengeti
  110. Baboon and Baby at Serengeti - 2
  111. Baboons on Road at Serengeti
  112. Baboons on Road at Serengeti - 2
  113. Fire on the Serengeti
  114. Lion at Fire at Serengeti
  115. Lions, Kill and Fire at Serengeti
  116. Jason on Kopjes at Serengeti
  117. Kopjes at Serengeti
  118. Jason and Candelabra Tree at Serengeti
  119. Leopards and Big-Maned Lions at Serengeti
  120. Sunset on the Serengeti
  121. Sunset on the Serengeti - 2
  122. Jason and the Serengeti
  123. Whole Crew at Serengeti
  124. Tanzania Epilogue