New Zealand

Here is my travelogue from my time working with Habitat for Humanity in Rotorua, New Zealand in early 2001.

  1. Jason and the Habitat Sign
  2. Sheep Across the Street
  3. More Sheep Across the Street
  4. Jason and the Sheep at the House
  5. Jim R. and Insulation
  6. Eric with Power Washer
  7. Eric with Power Washer, Part 2
  8. Jennie and Amy at Maori Dinner
  9. Table of Folks at Maori Dinner
  10. Grant Feeding Chickens
  11. Jason and the Black Swans
  12. More Swans, Ducks and Geese
  13. Coins a' flyin'
  14. The First Time I Ever Saw A California Redwood Was In New Zealand
  15. Jason and Eric About to Dig
  16. Eric and Jason Building Deck
  17. Jason with a Hammer and Mike with a Board
  18. Mike B. and Amy, Supervising
  19. Sometimes It's Best to Stay Out of the Way
  20. You Have to Stop and Smell the Roses
  21. They Take Their Croquet Pretty Seriously in NZ
  22. Jim R. and Camera
  23. Jason and Blue Lake
  24. Mike B. and Ducks at Pretty Lake
  25. My Favorite Picture!
  26. Caryn on the Luge
  27. Fellowship is Good
  28. I *Promised* You More Sheep
  29. Guy Forcing Unwilling Sheep to Smile
  30. Shearer and Terrified Sheep
  31. Jim R. Milking a Cow
  32. Amy Feeding a Lamb
  33. Jason and Inattentive Rams
  34. Jason and Large Cow
  35. Jason and Julia Petting Lambs
  36. Geysers at Whaka
  37. More Geysers at Whaka
  38. Maori Statue at Whaka
  39. Jennie and Mike Long
  40. Julia, Hollie and Julie
  41. Jason and Caryn in Wallpaper Room
  42. Dave and Grant
  43. Group Last Day on Deck
  44. Last night at the Havana
  45. Winding Down at the Havana
  46. Steve at Farewell Dinner
  47. Jason and Caryn at Farewell Dinner
  48. Leah and Hollie at Farewell Dinner
  49. Julie, Caryn, Mike B., Jim B. and many many kids
  50. Jason, standing at the bungy precipice
  51. Jason, bungy jumping
  52. Jason, learning the meaning of 9.8 meters per second squared
  53. Towards the end, it was fun