A Night in the Monster Seats

Here are some pictures I took while enjoying a night in the Monster Seats at Fenway Park on September 17, 2003.

  1. Monster Ticket
  2. Coke Bottles
  3. View of the Boston Skyline
  4. Beer, Sausage, Fenway
  5. Safety Sign
  6. The Sox take the field
  7. Manny warming up
  8. The First Pitch
  9. Chris, Beer
  10. Svetlana, Lori and Chris
  11. Rocco Baldelli
  12. Nomar Garciaparra at the Bat
  13. Manny Ramirez at the Bat
  14. David Ortiz at the Bat
  15. Violetta at the Bat
  16. Jason and Jon
  17. Chris and Lori
  18. Dan and Steve
  19. Svetlana and Aimee
  20. Group on the Monster