Hey, it’s October now.

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Things still are as they are. The world still spins, the soccer games still end with Italian Ice for everyone. The traffic on the road outside my window keeps getting worse as Waze routes people downtown through my neighborhood. This instance of WordPress is still slow as [molasses], but Cloudflare solves most problems and I still have higher priorities for my time than rewriting or moving this site.

I’m heads-down working on the next version of Serendeputy. The pixel mines are fertile, but excavating takes time. I’m lucky, though: it’s a lot easier to write a newsfeed engine when you’re not concerned with surveillance, stalking or spam, only usefulness.

The path is long, but I try to enjoy things keystroke by keystroke and day by day. Plus, I’m growing ever more expert at deciphering EXPLAIN ANALYZE and dancing with the OOM Killer.

I’ll write some more, at some point in the indeterminate future when I have something more useful to say. Or announce. Or demo. I still kick around Twitter a bit, though, if you want to say “Hi.”

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