I’m selling some domains

Friday, November 28th, 2014

I think my land-speed record is 37 seconds.

It took 37 seconds from thinking “Hey, OODAdo.com would be a pretty cool domain for tools around helping people more quickly design and navigate OODA loops” to going to Dreamhost to seeing if the domain was available to buying the domain.

37 seconds.

It’s a sickness.

Not a huge sickness, as these things go, though. It’s $10/year for a domain, and I own maybe 40 or so of them across all my interests. I can justify that as career development. Plus, it’s a business expense.

But now, I’m cleaning out my closet, and am looking to sell many of these domains. Here’s what I have up for grabs.

These are all domains you could build a brand around.

Docfu.com is great for any type of knowledge management. I had this as the placeholder domain for the next generation of Serendeputy.

Grawgo.com was originally a rough acronym for “Green as we go”.

Oodado.com is a play on OODA loops.

Freenon.com and Paynon.com are complements for an idea I was exploring around forkable nuggets of knowledge.

Nooler.com had no specific idea beyond “New + Butler”.

Manalgo.com is an idea I had around exploring the combinations of human (Man) and computer (algo) intelligence.

BostonProd.com and BostCTO.com were both domains that I planned to use as sites supporting my consulting business. It turns out they weren’t necessary, but they could be useful to a consultant, publisher or thought leader in Boston.

Awesomier.com and Menschier.com were both working off a (now-abandoned) idea around improving my personal habits.

Tweetazon.com is a simple idea around compiling and organizing all the Amazon links coming through my Twitter feed. I have a rough version of this idea up on TweetDeputy.

IMIFT.com was for a parenting site called “In my infinite free time.”

UFAWS.com was for a content site that talked about tools that are “useful, friendly and wicked smart.”

If you’re interested in doing something useful with any of these domains, please drop me a line at [email protected] this domain. Otherwise, I’m going to put them up on Sedo in January to see if they will sell at auction.

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