Linky Goodness – 3/28/2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War
I hope our fearless leaders (and would-be leaders) review these lessons before embroiling us in another one.

How emacs changed my life
This is pretty geeky, but it combines two of my passions. It’s a slideshow from Matz — the creator of Ruby, the primary language I program in — talking about what he learned from Emacs, the editor in which I do all my writing, including this blog post.

The Cadbury Egg as a measure of sugar content
Did you know how many Cadbury eggs you’re drinking with that can of Coke?

Savvy consumers are taking it to retailers
“The customer knows the right price,” said the chief executive of J. C. Penney, Ron Johnson. “We can raise the price all we want; she’s only going to pay the right price. And why is that? Because she’s an expert.”

Google’s failed invitation to Google IO
You’d think the most powerful company on the internet would be able to get direct marketing together. You’d be wrong. Entertaining read.

How people are spamming Pinterest
Any social network is going to get spammed. Here’s an inside look at how people are taking advantage of Pinterest.

The next version of Serendeputy takes social signals into account far more heavily and will, definitionally, be more susceptible to this type of attack. I’m spending a decent amount of time planning for evil.

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