Linky Goodness – 3/26/2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012

This is 10,000 pounds of awesome: 23 1/2 hours a day.

This is great, not only on the message layer, but on the medium. Watching this type of presentation is insanely addicting.

Tesla bricks
My family truckster is due for replacement in 2015. I’m hoping that the fully-electric cars are serving the early majority by then. If they brick like this, though, I’m staying miles and miles away. We had a bad enough time when the Prius battery emptied because Sadie left a door ajar.

Of course, you can also seize up your gasoline engine if you’re not paying attention, so maybe it’s incumbent on us to learn a little bit about our tools. I’m guessing that most Americans are post knowing how to care for their cars, though.

Why Angry Birds is so successful
A look at Angry Birds from an interactive design standpoint. It’s good to analyze why it’s so successful.

Inception explained
Here is another innovative use of design. Click through to this and scroll down to watch how it explains the movie Inception. Spoilers, obviously.

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