Linky Goodness – 1/7/2012

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Correction: Apparently Lucy is wearing a Snow White outfit in Thursday’s picture, not a Cinderella one. I’m not ashamed that I failed to correctly identify the outfit. Call it a win for my last shreds of masculinity.

Vince Wilfork’s swimming routine. Big Vince has been a monster this year. Turns out that his offseason swimming routine might be the reason.

Newspapers, Paywalls, and Core Users. If you ever wanted to understand the economics of newspapers and their awkward transitions online, you must read this new article by Clay Shirky.

Congratulations to XKCD for making it to 1,000 comics. If you want to happily pass a few minutes, click on the “random” button under each comic. Or, if you prefer hard copies, do what I did and buy his book.

Good Whiteboard Friday from SEOMoz yesterday, discussing the basics of anchor text optimization. Their Whiteboard Friday series is brilliant; I’ve been telling every content site I’ve worked with for the past couple of years to emulate it.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finally has a leader, and they launched their nonbank supervision program. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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