Linky Goodness – 9/14/2009

Monday, September 14th, 2009

38.5 billions dollars each year from the poor to the rich
How the banks systematically swindle the poor.

Preparing for a stressful flu season
I’m paying a lot of attention to this as I’m building out the h1n1 news topic on Serendeputy. I hope that we don’t have massive outbreaks this fall. I’ve already estimated that I’m going to be home with at least one of the girls for a week this fall. I hope it doesn’t get too bad nationwide.

Customers get mad, and get even online
Hooray for YouTube. You can’t quietly screw people over anymore.

Why I love my Gen-Y assistant
Interesting review of a Gen-Y assistant from a Generation X boss.

Reviewing Lost episode 1 from after season 5
A really engaging (warning: long, and assumes you know the story so far) review of what the Lost pilot exposed and foreshadowed. We just finished season two of our Lost re-watch. I can’t wait for January to come around again so that we can see how it all ends.

Afterhours DJ
This is what I’ve been listening to while working for the past couple of weeks. I was a little Mozart’ed and Beethoven’ed out, and I can’t really handle background music with words anymore. I found this on the iTunes radio applciation, and it’s generally been on ever since. It’s a good mix of Trance, House and DnB. Give it a listen.

Neil Patrick Harris feature
A really interesting long feature on NPH. I’m really looking forward to the premiere of How I Met Your Mother in a couple of weeks.

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