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Sadie has graduated to a real cup

Monday, March 31st, 2008

No more sippy cups at meals!

Sadie is now drinking from the big-girl cup

So far, we’ve only had a couple of spills. I’m glad we have lots of rags in the kitchen.

Linky Goodness – 3/28/2008

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Have you signed away your right to sue?
Yet another article about how mandatory-arbitration clauses are bad, this time in employment law.

Be it ever so illogical — drop the price of your home, already
We’re not looking to sell our house for a couple of years, at least. I hope that when we do, we’ll be able to accept reality, and price our house to the market.

Do open houses sell houses?
Shill! I really like our Real Estate blog. This entry is on open houses. It’s fun to watch people fighting in the comments.

Should it be free?
Outstanding article on whether software should be free or not. Even if you’re not in the industry, you should read this.

Jason Butler – Twitter
Because it’s important that I have an outlet for 140-character updates on my life through the day. Follow at your own risk.

Sadie’s Easter

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post about Sadie. We’ve had tons going on, but I want to take a quick break to tell you all how she’s doing.

Sadie is incredibly active, running around the house until she’s nothing more than a blur.

Sadie running in the family room

She loves sitting in the living room, where the sun comes in and make her hair all glowy. She likes that.

Sadie in the sun

She loves coloring at her table. She’s graduated from sheets of paper to coloring books. Art school, here we come!

Sadie coloring at her table

We spent some time yesterday coloring Easter eggs. We have to start with a nice snack first, though. Everyone likes the milk.

Sadie drinking her milk

We started out with the hard-boiled eggs. You need to drop some vinegar into the cups. Be careful!

Sadie mixing the vinegar to color the Easter eggs

While you’re waiting for the eggs to color, it’s fun to play with the basket.

Sadie coloring her Easter eggs

Easter morning: It’s time to search for the eggs. Found one!

Sadie found an Easter egg

So much fun. Sadie ended up with a full basket of eggs. She didn’t like the jellybeans, though.

Sadie and her Easter Basket

Baby should be coming in the next ten days or so, so I suspect there’ll be lots more pictures coming soon.

Linky Goodness – 3/6/2008

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

All hail Universal Hub
Excellent article in the Phoenix about Adam Gaffin and Universal Hub. I’m not stealing all our hyperlocal community ideas from him, but maybe a couple…

12 practical steps for learning to go with the flow
February was a trying month. March has not started much better. I need to learn to go with the flow a little bit more.

Beat the long tail with 1,000 true fans
Incredibly interesting article about how to survive as a creator without having to rely on the blockbuster. Must read.