Linky Goodness – 2/18/2008

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Wow, I’m way behind on my website postings; impending baby and multiple launches at work are conspiring against me.

Today we did our “stock up on everything you can think of” run to BJs. Now, both freezers are full, and we should be able to live for a couple of weeks without leaving the house when the baby arrives. I’m wracking my brain for other baby-prep tasks I need to do.

Anyway, on to the links…
Anonymous journalists tell us what they’re angry about today. Quite a bit of inside baseball, but not too different from what I see from time to time in the newsroom.

This is also a good example of what happens to the signal:noise ratio when the social-news hordes descend on a site.

Yet another reason to boycott Best Buy
I have never had a good experience at Best Buy (or their not-at-all-missed competitor Comp USA). They take advantage of the non-technical customers and outright lie when they are caught. I hope that a more activist Congress will reign in some of the corporate excesses.

50 tricks to get you more productive
It’s always good to remind yourself of little ways to keep moving the chains. I’m pretty good about most of these, but I really need to work on a couple of them — especially working on the important things, instead of just the pressing things.

Learn to demo
Good advice from Antonio Rodriguez on how to prep yourself for demoing your product.

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