Linky Goodness – 12/15/07

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Bill Keller’s speech
New York Times editor Bill Keller gives an incredibly insightful speech, talking about the future of journalism and newspapers.

Ten steps to close down an open society
A scary checklist — one we’ve almost completed.

Does your customer service just want people to go away?
Seth Godin has a smart idea here: measure your customer service people by the amount the customers buys after the call as opposed to before it.

Talent Wars in Boston
Xconomy does a nice write up of the current state of the technology labor market in Boston. It’s a good time to be a techie on the Red Line.

How to be a consultant
Long, insightful article. I faced many of these same issues back when I was consulting.

Top 10 reasons we deleted your comment
The Times’ City Room blog describes how they handle blog comments. Seems quite reasonable, though some in the comments disagree.

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