An oldie but a goodie

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Over the past couple of weeks, I rewrote my gallery-building engine in Ruby, making it much more flexible and easy to use. So now, I may actually be able to put up some of the old galleries I did, but never published, like this one of a Red Sox vs. Yankees game from 2004.

Here are the pictures:

  1. Budweiser sign
  2. Couple at Fenway
  3. Baby at Fenway
  4. Fenway math
  5. Curt Schilling
  6. Jason Varitek
  7. Jason Varitek warming up
  8. Jason Varitek being all pensive
  9. Johnny Damon throwing
  10. Johnny Damon warming up
  11. Manny Ramirez warming up
  12. David Ortiz
  13. Curt Schilling faces Derek Jeter
  14. Curt Schilling brushes back Derek Jeter
  15. Watering the infield at Fenway
  16. Yankees fan gets booted from Fenway
  17. Another Yankees fan gets booted from Fenway
  18. Schilling leaves
  19. Keith Foulke saves the day

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