Linky Goodness – 2/14/2007

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Up-to-date Iraq casualties
One of the awesome things about working at the Globe is that I have access to people who *really* know how to find information. One of the researchers turned me on to this site, which has up-to-date data and analysis about Iraq casualties.

Fan’s Guide to Spring Training
We put up this interactive guide to Fort Myers a couple of days ago. It’s starting to get some really good contributions from readers, improving it far beyond what we could do ourselves.

Staying Hungry
James Hong, of “Hot or Not,” writes about what he needs to do to keep himself hungry. Will he coast, riding his existing cash cow, or will he blow it up for the chance at something bigger?

In praise of the forgotten broiler
If I’d told you I had an appliance that could brown like a grill, was as convenient as your oven, and cooked most food in less than 10 minutes, you’d buy it. But you don’t need to.

Praise is overrated
Now that Sadie is starting to understand me, I need to be more careful in how I construct my sentences. Takeaway: always praise effort, not ability.

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