Sadie is six months old

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, including the fabulous A. Today is a special Mother’s Day, because our little girl is six-months old!

A lot has happened in the past month. One thing that hasn’t changed is how cute she looks when sleeping in her car seat, especially when she’s wearing her little cardigan.

Sadie in her car seat

Sadie is growing incredibly fast — as she likes to put it, “I’m a good eater.” Sadly for us, her growth forces us to keep retiring our old-faithfuls, first the swing, then the bouncy seat, and this morning, the bumbo.

She would squirm in the bumbo trying to see what was going around her. This morning, she squirmed right out of her seat; thank goodness I was there to catch her before she slammed into the counter-top (or the floor).

Sadie in her bumbo

Sadie has graduated from taking her baths in the kitchen sink to taking them in the bathtub, and she no longer screams and screams. She’s found out that she can play with toys in the bath, and that makes her ever so much happier.

Sadie in her bath

The biggest change this month was her graduation to day care. She has been a rock star, but she’s gotten two viruses (at least) so far in her first two weeks. So, most of the past couple of weeks have had us in an “I’m trying, Daddy, but I just don’t feel so good” kind of mood.

Sadie a little sick

Two icicles of mucus have run down her face nonstop for the last two days. I have a fun picture of this, but I’ll spare the web from it. As she kept telling us, “Nothing makes me happy. Everything makes me cranky.”

But she’s getting better. We’ll see what she gets this week. By the time she starts school, she’ll have an immune system of steel.

She’s really starting to master her motor skills. Sitting in her exersaucer, she’s no longer just dropping her toys, she’s willfully tossing them aside.

Sadie in her exersaucer

She’s sitting up very well on her own now, and we’ve minimized the thud factor by laying down a foam floor in the family room.

Sadie and Otto

She’s *this close* to crawling. She can sit. She can roll over and roll back. Next step is crawling, a step for which we’re hopelessly unprepared. Child-proofing? Egads.

Sadie getting ready to crawl

Regardless of her mode of locomotion, the goal is always the same: stick something in my mouth!

Sadie eating Otto

She’s also getting wicked smaht. She turns the pages in Goodnight Moon at the right time. She looks at the cat when we say “kitty-cat.” She amazes us every day.

Happy half-birthday, sweetie!

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