Linky Goodness – 11/7/05

Monday, November 7th, 2005

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger; I haven’t posted a new edition of “Linky Goodness” in months. Well, here we go. And, even better, I just wrote up a little script to pull my links and post them here. That little hack should help my linky goodness timeliness quotient.

Teaching Babies Sign Language
Eric Meyer talks about the pro’s and con’s of teaching babies to communicate through sign language. We may take a crack at this.

The Secret Life of a Restaurant Critic
What’s it like to be a restaurant critic?

“Ask Metafilter” suggestions for home hacks
If you were designing your home from scratch, what features would you include? ยป Fifty Essential Topics on Economics
Interesting economics pieces.

How many MBAs does it take to change the toner? Hire some support people already…
Excellent rant in the Hiring Hub about how business’ lack of support people turns executives into supremely high-paid secretaries.

The Hardest Part of Being a “Indie” Mac Developer
Fellow ex-Abuzz’er Mike Dupuis on the life of an independent Mac developer.

The Zombie Hunters
Really interesting New Yorker article on how bad guys take control of your Windows PC and use it to attack other companies.

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