It’s all fun and games until someone loses his job

Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

We have an article this week talking about how some folks’ blogs have cost them their jobs.

Michael Hanscom learned the hard way. Hanscom worked at a printing shop in the Redmond, Wash., headquarters of Microsoft Corp. He’s an avid ”blogger” – one of about 2 million people worldwide who publish Internet diaries about their activities and interests. Bloggers write about every imaginable topic, from politics to religion to sex. But some bloggers tackle perhaps the riskiest topic of all – their jobs.

That’s how Hanscom found himself unemployed. Last October, he published in his blog a photo of a pallet of Apple Macintosh computers being delivered to Microsoft headquarters. The following week Hanscom was fired for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement he’d signed when Microsoft hired him.

Most of this falls under the rubric of common sense — it’s not overly smart to complain about your job in a heavily indexed environment.

You’d think Hiawatha Bray could have plugged the Job Blog in the piece, though. Damn editorial integrity.

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