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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

Ooh, fun! Our friends at have introduced a full-text search of their books database, searching not just the titles, authors and such, but actually searching the full text of the books. Once you find a hit, you can click directly and view the page of the book. This is a huge advance towards the concept of a universal library.

So what does one do with a tool of this power? Ego-Surf!

Do a search for “abuzz amazon product” and you’ll find me explicitly referenced by Rosabeth Moss Kanter in Evolve!.

1 reference to abuzz amazon product in this book:

on Page 53 :

“. . . WILL THE YOUNG LEAD THE WAY? 53 Abuzz ‘s focus-collaboration and community-building-and to the user experience, which told them . . . minimize and simplify the interface. Another communication facilitator is the product manager, a power- ful cross-functional role that coordinates among engineering, . . . Capello once played that role. His replace- ment came from Amazon .com, not for the money (he probably took a pay cut) but for the Abuzz culture and the chance to have . . .”

Now honestly, would it have been so very hard to actually write my name in there? Come on, it’s short, it’s easy to spell…

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